"Three dates a day, a lifetime of immortality"

"Three dates a day will keep you forever." Red dates can be eaten as snacks, soaked in water to make tea, or put a few in when making porridge or soup. They are not only delicious, but also have high therapeutic value. . Pay special attention to nourishing the body in winter, and red dates are a good product for warming and keeping out the cold in winter. Eating a few a day can play a very good nourishing role. Red dates are rich in protein, fat, sugar, organic acids, vitamins, amino acid cellulose, carotene and various trace elements and other nutrients, and have high nutritional value.

Main functions:
1. Improve immunity: Red dates contain a large amount of sugars, amino acids, vitamin A, riboflavin, thiamine, carotene, niacin, vitamin C and other vitamins, minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron, Magnesium, etc., has a good tonic effect and is of great significance in improving human immunity and enhancing disease resistance.
2. Replenish qi and blood: Red dates contain trace elements iron and calcium, vitamin C and more than ten kinds of amino acids, which have a good effect on improving qi and blood deficiency.
3. Anti-aging: Red dates contain a variety of antioxidant ingredients, which can scavenge free radicals in the human body, prevent oxygen free radicals from damaging cells, and help delay the aging of the body. Red dates contain a large amount of vitamin B, which can promote subcutaneous blood circulation, make the skin and hair shiny, and help eliminate facial wrinkles.
4. Supplement calcium: The mineral content of dried red dates increases, especially calcium. Eating some red dates every day can help the body supplement calcium, prevent osteoporosis and relieve menopausal symptoms.
5. Protect the liver: Red dates are rich in sugars, proteins, vitamins and trace elements, which can promote protein synthesis in the liver, increase serum albumin, and reduce serum alanine aminotransferase levels.
6. Soothe the nerves and aid sleep: The flavonoids contained in red dates have sedative, soothing and hypnotic effects. Eating red dates regularly can help us improve the quality of sleep.

1. Red dates are sticky and difficult to digest. Children’s spleen and stomach functions are weak. Eating too much will affect digestion. There is a lot of sugar in red dates, which may also cause tooth decay in children.
2. People with diabetes should not eat red dates because the sugar content in red dates is very high.  
3. People who are prone to internal heat should not eat red dates. Red dates are warm tonic foods and eating too much can easily lead to internal heat.