How to eat longan meat correctly

Longan is also called longan. The process of making longan meat is very simple. Fresh longan is dried, shelled and cored, leaving only the pulp. Dried longan is a commonly used tonic. It tastes good whether eaten directly or used to make tea, soup, or boiled sugar water. It can nourish the heart and blood, soothe the mind and calm the mind. It has obvious nourishing effect and is hot in nature. It is suitable for people with weak and cold constitutions.

Main functions:
1. Improve frail anemia. Dried longan contains a certain amount of iron and high sugar content, which is easy to digest in the body and has the effect of nourishing the body. It is suitable for people with anemia, the elderly, and those with chronic illness.
2. Protect blood vessels and lower blood lipids. Dried longan is rich in vitamin P, which can protect blood vessels and reduce blood lipid levels. It is suitable for women and people with high blood lipids.
3. Enhance physical fitness. Dried longan is very rich in nutrients and is a food with very high nutritional value. It can improve the body's adaptability and enhance physical fitness.
4. Beauty and beauty. Longan is a traditional nourishing beauty product. It is rich in protein, vitamins, trace elements, etc. Eating it in moderation can improve facial complexion and has certain anti-aging effects.
5. Soothe the mind and improve the mind. Dried longan root returns to the heart and spleen meridian and has a certain calming effect.

Medicinal diet recipe:
1. Jade Spirit Cream
Material: dried longan, American ginseng powder
Method: Mix dried longan and American ginseng powder thoroughly in a ratio of 10:1, put it in a steamer and steam for 40 minutes.
Instructions for consumption: Take a small spoonful of Yuling Ointment every morning and evening, mix it with warm water and take it.
Effect: It can improve the condition of heart and spleen deficiency, and is also suitable for postpartum women to nourish qi and blood.

2. Longan and wolfberry tea
Materials: 6 red dates, 6 dried longans, 6 wolfberries, a little brown sugar
Method: Put 1000 ml of water in the pot, add red dates, dried longan and wolfberry. After the fire boils, turn to low heat and slowly simmer. Add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, wait until the red dates are soft and soft, and cook until they become fragrant and sweet.
Instructions for consumption: instead of tea
Function: It can cure fatigue, hot flashes and night sweats.