CANAVIDA five-finger hairy peach

The main producing area of ​​the five-finger peach is South China in China. The part of the five-finger peach used for medicine is the root, which is washed and dried after being harvested. According to the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia": "It is sweet in taste and neutral in nature, and enters the spleen, lung, and liver meridians." It is mainly used to treat spleen edema, lack of food and weakness, tuberculosis cough, night sweats, vaginal discharge, postpartum agalactia, rheumatic paralysis, edema, and liver disease. Sclerotic ascites, hepatitis, bruises.

Main effects: Strengthen the spleen and lungs, promote qi and dampness, relax muscles and activate collaterals.

Related compatibility:

1. To treat postpartum agalactia, 60 grams of Five-Finger Hair Peach. Braised pig's feet.

2. To treat qi deficiency and edema in the elderly, take 90 grams of five-finger hair peach and stew pork spine.

3. To treat chronic tracheitis, take 150 grams of Rhododendron purpurea, 100 grams of Ilex tomentosa, and 100 grams of Peach tomentosa. Take 1 dose per day, decoction in water. Effectiveness will be seen on the sixth day after taking the medicine

Note: When purchasing Five-fingered Peach, be sure to choose a reputable merchant. Five-fingered Peach is similar to Broken Grass, and the consequences of accidentally eating it will be serious.