"One tael of tangerine peel and one tael of gold"

About tangerine peel:
Tangerine peel is the dried mature peel of the Rutaceae plant Tangerine and its cultivated varieties. Generally, only Chazhi Mandarin, Dahongpao, Fu Ju and Wenzhou Mandarin are used to make tangerine peel. Only those that have been stored for more than three years are called "tangerine peel". Because during storage, the volatile oil in orange peels will be greatly reduced, and the proportion of flavonoids will increase.

Year of tangerine peel:
The tangerine peel is aged from three years to several decades, and there are even tangerine peels that are hundreds of years old. The older the tangerine peel, the higher the value. Therefore, there is a saying that "one tael of tangerine peel is worth one tael of gold". Tangerine peel is both a traditional Chinese medicine and a food ingredient. The tangerine peel that has been aged for a short time is not very effective and does not reach the medicinal grade, so it can only be used as an ordinary food ingredient. Chenpi contains hesperidin, limonoids, volatile oil, vitamin B1 and other ingredients, which has the effects of drying dampness and reducing phlegm, regulating qi and regulating qi.

Main functions:
1. Tangerine peel can regulate qi and strengthen the spleen, dry dampness and resolve phlegm. It is often used for spleen and stomach qi stagnation, abdominal distension and stuffiness, nausea and vomiting, spleen deficiency and diarrhea, cough and cold phlegm, etc.
2. Removing the whitening of tangerine peel can reduce phlegm and relieve cough, and relieve cough.
3. Leave the tangerine peel white to regulate qi and strengthen the spleen, harmonize the stomach and eliminate dampness, strengthen the spleen and eliminate food.

Tangerine peel has a certain effect of drying dampness. Patients with stomach fire, qi deficiency or dry cough should not take too much.
You should consult your doctor before consuming dried tangerine peel during medication, and pregnant women should be cautious when consuming it.