Chenpi Frequently Asked Questions Q&A

Chenpi Frequently Asked Questions Q&A

  1. What is Chenpi?

Chenpi is the dried ripe peel of the Rutaceae tangerine and its cultivars.

  1. After drying the orange peel, is it tangerine peel?

Not all orange peels can be made into tangerine peels. For the production of tangerine peel, only the citrus varieties of Chazhi citrus, Dahongpao, Fu tangerine and Wenzhou tangerine are used, and the dried tangerine peel in that year cannot be called tangerine peel, and can only be stored for more than three years.

  1. Why is the price difference of tangerine peel so big?

As the name suggests, Chen Pi must be"Chen". Because the volatile oil in the orange peel will be greatly reduced during the storage process, and the proportion of flavonoids will increase, so the longer it is stored, the better the effect. The tangerine peels sold on the market are of different ages, ranging from three years to several decades, and even hundreds of years old. The longer the age, the higher the value. Therefore, there is a saying of"one tael of tangerine peel and one tael of gold".

  1. Is tangerine peel a traditional Chinese medicine or an ingredient?

Chenpi is both a traditional Chinese medicine and an ingredient. However, the effect of dried tangerine peel with short aging time is not good, and it has not reached the medicinal grade, so it can only be used as an ordinary food.

  1. What is the main effect of tangerine peel?

Chenpi contains hesperidin, limonoid, volatile oil, vitamin B1 and other ingredients, so tangerine peel has the functions of drying dampness and resolving phlegm, regulating Qi and neutralizing. In addition, tangerine peel is also a qi-regulating medicine, which can regulate qi and invigorate the spleen, dry dampness and resolve phlegm.

  1. What does"leave blank"and"remove blank"mean in Chenpi?

The"white"on tangerine peel refers to the thin spongy layer between the peel and the pulp, as well as the tendons within the peel. Tangerine white and tangerine network also have good medicinal value. Generally speaking, removing white tangerine peel can have the effect of resolving phlegm and relieving cough, and dispelling lung and relieving cough. The white space can regulate the qi and strengthen the spleen, dispel dampness from the stomach, strengthen the spleen and eliminate food.

  1. Are all people suitable for eating tangerine peel?

Chenpi has a certain dampness-drying effect. Patients with stomach fire, qi deficiency or dry cough should not take too much to avoid more serious illness. Consult your doctor if you are taking medication. Pregnant women also need to take it with caution.