What is Cordyceps flower?

Cordyceps flower is neither an insect nor a grass nor a flower, but a parasitic fungus on insects. Wild Cordyceps flowers are parasitic on pupae and are extremely rare. The Cordyceps flowers we usually eat are artificially cultivated on grains and are affordable. Its nutritional content is similar to that of wild Cordyceps flowers.

Cordyceps flower contains many beneficial nutrients, such as cordycepic acid, cordycepin, cordyceps polysaccharide, flavonoids, protein, 18 kinds of amino acids, 17 kinds of trace elements, 12 kinds of vitamins, etc.

Main effects:
1. Improve immunity: Enhance immunity. The cordycepin in Cordyceps flowers can enhance the activity of macrophages.
2. Anti-tumor: The Cordyceps polysaccharide in Cordyceps flower has certain anti-tumor effects.
3. Anti-oxidation and anti-aging: Cordycepic acid and superoxide dismutase active antioxidant substances in Cordyceps flowers can remove excess oxidative free radicals in the human body and protect cells from interference and damage by free radicals, thus Acts as an antioxidant.
4. Lower blood sugar: The Cordyceps polysaccharide in Cordyceps flower can stimulate insulin secretion, enhance the activity of glucose metabolism enzymes in the liver, and help lower blood sugar.
5. Protect the liver and kidneys.