Little knowledge about fetal chrysanthemum

There are seven categories of chrysanthemum tea varieties, namely Hang Ju, Fei Ju, Gong Ju, Hao Ju, Chu Ju, Wild Chrysanthemum and Tibetan Color Chrysanthemum.

Canavida chooses the top grade of Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum - Fetus Chrysanthemum. The flower buds harvested when the chrysanthemum has not yet fully bloomed are dried and processed into the finished chrysanthemum. Fetal chrysanthemum tea is golden in color, has a strong fragrance and is sweet with nectar, and will not fade away even if it is soaked for a long time.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chrysanthemum is slightly cold in nature and tastes pungent and sweet. It can dispel wind-heat, calm the liver and improve eyesight, clear away heat and detoxify. Now medical science has confirmed that chrysanthemum is rich in volatile oils, flavonoids, amino acids and a variety of trace elements, which are helpful for cardiovascular and cholesterol problems. It also has anti-pathogen, anti-bacterial, anti-aging, antioxidant and other effects.

Friends who often drink chrysanthemum tea may find that the chrysanthemum changes color after being soaked for a long time. Freshly brewed tea is golden in color and will gradually turn green after being left for a period of time. This is because the flavonoids in chrysanthemum tea are very unstable and will oxidize after being steeped for a long time, so the tea will turn green, and the health care effect of oxidized chrysanthemum tea will be greatly reduced.

It is best to drink chrysanthemum tea as you brew it. Do not drink overnight tea. Rock sugar chrysanthemum tea has a sweet taste and is liked by the elderly and children, but it is not suitable for everyone. Chrysanthemum is slightly cold. Adding rock sugar will increase the coldness. People with weak and cold bodies should not drink it, but it can strengthen the heat-clearing effect for people with body heat.

Chrysanthemum is cold and cool, suitable for pregnant women, people with physical weakness, spleen deficiency, cold stomach, people prone to diarrhea and people with allergies