Deer antler mushrooms that are both delicious and nutritious

The velvet antler mushroom is a kind of edible fungus. It is characterized by growing upright in clusters, light brown, and looks like coral or small antlers, so it is called velvet antler mushroom, also called coral fungus. Antler mushroom has high nutritional value. It contains protein and a variety of amino acids, as well as vitamins B1, B2, C and PP.

Main functions:

1. Anti-tumor By comparing the cancer-inhibitory effects of 9 types of edible fungi including Shiitake, Enoki, and Pleurotus eryngii, the antler mushroom has the highest effect, with an inhibition rate of over 87%.

2. Lower blood pressure. The principle of action of velvet antler mushroom is to inhibit SE. As angiotensin of SE, it inhibits the enzyme and thereby inhibits its activity.

3. Lower cholesterol. The crude polysaccharides in antler mushrooms can effectively lower cholesterol.

4. Suppress blood sugar and suppress allergies. Antler mushroom also has good resistance to allergens, such as dermatitis.

Deer Antler Mushroom Salted Rice

Ingredients: 1 cup of rice, 15-20 antler mushrooms, 2-5 dried scallops, 5 dried shrimps, 100 grams of pork, half a sausage, 2 spoons of light soy sauce, 1 spoon of cooking wine, 1 spoon of sesame oil, and half salt spoon, appropriate amount of five-spice powder.


Cut the pork into small pieces, antler mushrooms, dried scallops, and dried shrimps and soak them separately in cold water until soft. Set aside the water in which the dried scallops and dried shrimps have been soaked. Marinate the cut pork with a spoonful of cooking wine, a spoonful of light soy sauce, a spoonful of sesame oil, salt and five-spice powder for ten minutes. Dice the soaked velvet antler mushrooms and dice the sausage.

Take another wok, heat the pan, pour a small amount of cooking oil, put the marinated pork into the pan and fry until it changes color. Then add the velvet antler mushroom, Chinese sausage, dried scallops and dried shrimps into the pot and stir-fry for half a minute until fragrant. Drain the washed rice, stir-fry, add soy sauce, and mix evenly with the other ingredients.

Pour all the ingredients fried in the pot into the electric pot, pour in the water used to soak the dried scallops and dried shrimps, and use the same amount as usual for cooking rice. Add appropriate amount of salt according to personal taste and turn on the rice cooking function of the electric pot. After cooking, you can choose to add scallions or scallion oil to enhance the flavor, and a bowl of delicious antler mushroom salted rice is ready.