Canavida Brazilian Green Propolis

Propolis is a very traditional natural substance that is widely used in many products. Propolis is not extracted from honey, but is a mixture produced by bees collecting resin or gum from lush plants and then mixing it with the secretions of the tongue and mandibular glands in the mouth. Propolis is the adhesive material used by bees when building hives. In addition to its adhesive function, it also has bactericidal properties and can resist external viruses. It is the most important cleaning system in the hive.

In 2500 BC, the ancient Egyptians discovered that propolis has strong antibacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant effects, so propolis was also used in the process of making mummies. The most precious ingredients in propolis are flavonoids. Flavonoids are essential compounds for the human body. They are widely distributed in the plant kingdom, but the human body cannot synthesize them. Propolis is rich in flavonoids, a rare combination of plant and animal flavonoids. Flavonoids are important to human health because they can promote blood circulation, dissolve blood lipids and resist cell aging.

The yield of propolis is very low and the supply in the market often exceeds the demand. Statistics show that the global production of propolis is only one-tenth that of gold, so it is also called "purple gold". There are many varieties of propolis, the common ones are yellow propolis, black propolis, green propolis, etc.

Canavida carefully selects green propolis from Brazil. Brazil is the most famous propolis producing area in the world. The Amazon River Basin is dotted with vast virgin forests and the climate is hot and humid all year round. In the harsh natural environment, in order to cope with the growth of various pathogens, local bees can only secrete more propolis with flavonoid content to protect their nests. Therefore, the flavonoid content of Brazilian green propolis is much higher than that of other production areas. There is a saying in the industry that "the world's propolis looks to Brazil." Canavida Brazilian Green Propolis has a maturation period of one year, and its raw material concentration is as high as 43%-46%, making it the best among propolis.

Pregnant women and children under ten years old cannot take it, and people with allergies should use it with caution.
Propolis can be taken together with traditional Chinese medicine. If you need to take western medicine, it is best to take it half an hour apart.