Beiqi - Huangqi from the north

Scutellaria baicalensis is a traditional Chinese medicine with many uses. The root part of it is used as medicine. It tastes sweet and is warm in nature. There is a popular saying among the people that drinking Scutellaria baicalensis soup often can prevent diseases and protect health. People have used Scutellaria baicalensis for a long time. There is a record about Scutellaria baicalensis in China's earliest extant traditional Chinese medicine work "Shen Nong's Materia Medica", "The Holy Medicine" Li Shizhen also regarded Scutellaria baicalensis as a precious Chinese medicinal material. Astragalus can be subdivided into several types. Northern Astragalus refers to Astragalus in northern China. It mainly grows in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, and Heilongjiang, so it is also called Northern Astragalus.

Main functions:
1. Tonify the spleen and replenish qi: used for symptoms of weak spleen and stomach, less food and loose stools, fatigue and fatigue, as well as diarrhea due to spleen deficiency, chronic diarrhea and prolapse. Beiqi has strong qi-tonifying power and is good at replenishing lung qi. It can treat symptoms of lung deficiency, shortness of breath, low voice, fatigue, and susceptibility to colds. It is often used with Codonopsis pilosula, Atractylodes macrocephala, Huaishan yam, and Zhigancao. Beiqi made with honey has stronger replenishing power.

2. Fix the surface and stop sweating: used for spontaneous sweating due to superficial deficiency. Astragalus has the property of replenishing qi and expressing it externally, so it can replenish qi, strengthen the surface and stop sweating. Clinically, various sweating disorders can be treated through different combinations. It is compatible with yang-supporting medicine to treat spontaneous sweating due to yang deficiency. Compatible with qi-tonifying medicine to treat spontaneous sweating due to qi deficiency. Combined with tonic medicine, it can treat night sweats caused by yin deficiency. If the Qi and blood are insufficient and exposed to external wind and cold, it is often impossible to sweat. Combining Scutellaria baicalensis with external medicine can encourage yang energy, replenish the source of sweat, and make it sweat. It is said that "Scutellaria baicalensis can stop sweating if it is present, but it can cause sweating if there is no sweating." That's the truth.

3. Replenishing qi and raising yang: used for symptoms of qi deficiency and subsidence. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the sagging of organs is due to the depression of Qi. Beiqi is good at replenishing Qi and raising Yang, and can treat prolapse, uterine prolapse, gastroptosis, kidney ptosis and metrorrhagia due to Qi deficiency and blood deficiency. Traditional Chinese medicine uses Buzhong Yiqi Decoction to treat various symptoms of organ ptosis. The astragalus in Buzhong Yiqi Decoction is taken from its qi-tonifying properties and has ascending properties, which can increase the clear yang of the spleen and stomach. At this time it is advisable to make honey before use.

4. Diuresis and swelling: For qi deficiency and edema, it is often used with Atractylodes, Fangji, Zhigancao or Guizhi, and Poria, such as Fangji Huangqi Decoction and Fangji Fuling Decoction. It is mostly used to treat chronic nephritis, proteinuria, and advanced diabetes.