How to eat longan meat correctly

How to eat longan meat correctly

Longan is also called longan, so longan meat can also be called longan meat. The production process of longan meat is very simple. The fresh longan is dried, shelled and cored, and only the pulp is kept. Fresh longan is usually eaten as a fruit, while dried longan meat is a precious nourishing Chinese herbal medicine. It is recorded in"Shen Nong's Materia Medica","Longan is sweet and flat. It is mainly used to treat evil spirits in the five internal organs, and anorexia. Long-term clothing strengthens the soul and is smart, light body is not old, and the gods are enlightened."In layman's terms, longan can improve intelligence, strengthen the body, and prolong life. Below we recommend several classic longan matching methods according to people's different physical conditions.

Heart and spleen deficiency

People with weak constitution usually have a deficiency of both the heart and spleen. The specific symptoms are pale complexion, insomnia and forgetfulness, dizziness, dizziness, fatigue and loss of appetite. Yuling paste can improve the deficiency of heart and spleen, and it is also suitable for postpartum women to nourish qi and blood. The specific method is simple and suitable for operation at home.

Material:Longan meat, American ginseng powder

Practice:Fully mix the longan meat and American ginseng powder in a ratio of 10:1, then put it in a steamer and steam for 40 hours.

How to use:Take a teaspoon of Yuling Ointment every morning and evening, mix it with warm water and take it.

Deficiency of the spleen and stomach

Some people have symptoms of stomach pain, bloating and diarrhea after eating cold and cold food or when they are overworked, which is the manifestation of deficiency of the spleen and stomach. The easiest solution is to drink longan ginger tea every day. Because the longan meat is sweet, the ginger is pungent, and the combination of acrid and sweet can raise the yang qi.

Material:15 grams of longan meat, two slices of ginger, boiling water

Method:Brew in boiling water. Black tea can also be added during brewing for a more intense flavor.

How to eat:Substitute tea