butterfly flower film

Net weight: 1lbs
Specification: about 60~65 heads per pound
Contents: fish maw slices
Storage method: Please keep it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight
Allergy warning: This product This is a fish swim bladder product, so those who are allergic to seafood should consider purchasing/eating it carefully.
Fish maw is the "tribe" among the four treasures of abalone, ginseng, fin, and tripe. Its precious value lies in the fact that the swim bladder used to make fish maw is carefully selected from the swim bladders of a few marine fish. Only swim bladders of a certain thickness and size can Made into precious fish maw. The fish maw carefully selected by Dashanxing is rich in collagen and is suitable for daily maintenance, postpartum body replenishment, postoperative tonic, etc. It is an ideal natural food.