The Number 1 Snack for Any Trip

People love to travel. Whether it be going on a nice long trip to the Bahamas or just a short hike behind your home. But when it comes to preparing food for the trip, no one knows how to pack. So people have started to adapt in their own small ways.

First off, there’s the over-packer. They’re the type of people to bring the refrigerator with them. No matter what, they will always bring more food than needed. 

Then you have the under-packer, the guy or girl who will bring little to no food at all. No matter how long the trip is, they will refuse to pack. Whether it is because they don't want to burden themselves with carrying the food or just don't feel like preparing for their trip, they always will not bring enough.

So, how do we solve this problem How do we pack what’s necessary and an excessive amountt?

Canavida has partnered with Golden Nest to bring you the ultimate travel snack. Both good for a nice long drive through the California mountains, or a short little walk back from work. What is it, you might ask It's the jerky bars available here at Canavida .ca. It is both small and quick to grab, but full of protein and energy to get you through your day. It's not tough like other jerky, and it's so much cheaper. We offer a variety of types. We have different kinds of meat, as well as two different flavors. It's the best snack for all your needs!!

Come get yours today