The first of the nine immortal grasses-Dendrobium Huoshan

Huoshan Dendrobium, also known as Dendrobium, is an herbaceous plant of the genus Dendrobium of the Orchidaceae family unique to China. Wild Huoshan dendrobium is very rare and mainly grows in the Dabie Mountains and Huoshan County, Anhui Province. Wild Huoshan dendrobium has extremely high requirements for the growth environment. It generally only grows on cliffs and towering trees in deep mountains. It is extremely rare and is a national first-level protected plant in China.

The reason why Dendrobium Huoshan is the number one among the grass jelly is not only because it is rare and valuable, but also because of its irreplaceable medicinal value. It is recorded in the traditional Chinese medicine book "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Dendrobium is sweet and flat and non-toxic. It is mainly used to treat injuries. In addition to paralysis and lowering Qi, it can nourish the five internal organs and win weight loss, strengthen yin and replenish essence, take it for a long time to thicken the intestines and stomach, and tonify internal deficiencies. Stomach qi, muscle growth, expelling pathogenic heat and prickly qi in the skin, pain in the feet and knees, cold paralysis and weakness. Fixing the mind and eliminating panic, lightening the body and prolonging life, replenishing qi and removing heat, treating weakness in the waist and feet in men, and strengthening yang. Expelling wind paralysis in the skin, in the bones After prolonged cold, it can nourish the kidneys, strengthen the muscles and bones, warm the internal organs, improve intelligence and clear the qi, treat fever and spontaneous sweating, and relieve abscesses and pus." In modern medical research, Dendrobium huoshanensis has also been found to have outstanding medicinal value.

Huoshan dendrobium is rich in polysaccharides, amino acids and more than ten kinds of alkaloids such as dendrobine and dendrobine. Identified by the Institute of Medicinal Plants of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences: the polysaccharide content is 18.974% and the total alkaloid content is 0.030%. It can effectively improve the body's immune function and has special effects on human eyes, pharynx, lungs, stomach, intestines, kidneys and other organs, as well as blood, cardiovascular and other diseases. It can resist cataracts, delay aging, resist mutations and resist tumors.

The most common finished product of Huoshan dendrobium is a dried product. The production process is similar to that of tea. It can be directly soaked in water for wine and soup. Dendrobium Huoshanensis and American ginseng are a golden pair. Brewing and taking them together can enhance the anti-cancer ability of patients undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy and prevent and treat diabetes.

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