The Best Way to Wake up Feeling Refreshed

Waking up feeling refreshed is one of the rare events that happen in our lives, but it's a feeling all of us wish for. Whether you're an early worker or a late riser, we all have those days wishing we could just lay in bed for just an extra hour or two.

Unfortunately, most times we have to get up and prepare for work. But have you ever wished you could get that refreshing energy to pump up your morning without the extra sleep Of course you have. just go to your closest coffee shop and get as much caffeine as you need.

The problem with this is it costs way too much money. What you need is something at home, both quick and gives the energy you need. Sort of like the Instant Ginseng Coffee here at Canavida. It can be either warm and ready for cold winter days, or nice, cold and refreshing for when the heat strikes. Since it's summer right now, we will show you how to make instant coffee ice cold and ready to go.


First, you want to get your hot water ready, whether it’s using a hot water dispenser or your home faucet. Just make sure it’s not too hot or else it will fully melt your ice later on. 


Next, you will have to dump the Instant Ginseng Coffee powder into your cup of choice. Preferably, you would want a bigger cup for those small extra sips you’ll get to give that little boost of energy.


When you're finished, pour your hot water into your cup and stir it well until all the powder is completely dissolved.

Finally, you can add the ice to your drink. Drop a reasonable amount of ice into your cup and stir it in.

Now you're finished and ready to start your morning being both refreshed and caffeinated!

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