How to choose bird's nest

China has four traditional precious ingredients: "swallow, abalone, fin, and ginseng", and the top one is bird's nest. Bird's nest has high nutritional value, but its output is small and difficult to obtain. Several methods help you choose high-quality bird's nests.

Bird's nest refers to the nest built by the saliva of swifts and swiftlets. Depending on the nesting location, it can be divided into two types: house swallows and cave swallows. House swallows usually produce white nests. Cave swallows will be affected by minerals and produce nests of different colors, including white nests, yellow nests and red nests. White bird's nest is the most common, and the price is also lower among the three types of bird's nest. It is relatively cost-effective. Red swallow, also known as blood swallow, is rich in minerals and is rarely produced, so it is particularly valuable.

The completeness of bird's nests from large to small is: bird's nest, bird's nest, bird's nest, bird's nest's horn, bird's nest broken. The higher the completeness, the higher the price.

The finished bird's nest is formerly a swallow's nest, so there will be various impurities in its original state. High-quality bird's nests have a dense texture with few impurities, while poor-quality bird's nests have a loose texture with more impurities. Removing impurities from bird's nests is a professional and time-consuming task. It is not easy to get a clean and beautiful bird's nest, so the price is higher.

Moisture content:
The moisture content of qualified bird's nest is generally between 12% and 15%. Bird's nests with too low moisture content are easily broken, affecting their integrity. Bird's nests with too high moisture content are inferior quality bird's nests. Because excessive moisture content will cause the bird's nest to become moldy and deteriorate, and reduce the foaming rate.

According to the different seasons when harvesting bird's nests, they are divided into first-stage bird's nests, second-stage bird's nests and third-stage bird's nests. The first-stage swallows are harvested from February to April. This kind of bird's nest has high integrity, firm texture and few impurities. It is the best bird's nest. The second-stage and third-stage swallows are harvested from May to October. Because swallows will go through a moulting period during this season, the integrity of the bird's nest produced is low, with a loose texture and many impurities.

Bird's nests are expensive, and shoddy and counterfeit products are common on the market. Choosing a reputable merchant is also a guarantee for purchasing high-quality bird's nests. Canavida bird's nest, high-quality bird's nest from Indonesia, allows you to shop without worries.