Great Mountain Ginseng’s Ginseng Coffee

With the acceleration of the pace of life, coffee, one of the three major drinks in the world, is becoming more and more popular among people. Coffee has a long history, a wide range of varieties, and various flavors. But there are not many coffees that are delicious and healthy at the same time. Dashanxing American Ginseng Coffee is a healthy coffee drink focusing on nutrition and nourishment.

The featured raw materials of Great Mountain Ginseng’s Ginseng Coffee are white coffee from Malaysia and American ginseng from Ontario, Canada. The aroma of white coffee is mellow and rich, thanks to its special low-temperature roasting technology. The low-temperature roasting process can greatly reduce the caffeine in coffee beans, thus reducing the sourness, while also avoiding the burnt and bitter taste produced by high-temperature roasting. In addition to improving the taste, low-temperature roasting can also effectively reduce the caffeine content, thereby reducing the irritation and burden of coffee on the gastrointestinal tract. White coffee is lighter in color than ordinary coffee, more golden, has a long and fragrant smell, has a silky and smooth taste, and has a mellow and soft taste. Malaysia's coffee industry has always been pursuing continuous innovation, and herbal and nut coffee products are one of its characteristics. They used advanced technology and scientific proportions to blend Malaysian white coffee and Canadian American ginseng to create this unique Dashanxing American ginseng coffee.

Coffee from the East and American ginseng from the West meet here. They are not incompatible, but complement each other. After brewing with hot water, the aroma of the coffee lingers for a long time. Take a sip and you will find that the richness of the coffee and the sweetness and bitterness of American ginseng complement each other. Dashanxing Coffee is a compound instant coffee. Just add hot water to the coffee and stir thoroughly. According to personal taste, you can also add ice cubes after brewing to make a cold drink. Especially suitable for young people who work overtime and stay up late to study and prepare for exams. In the busy life, take a break for a moment. A cup of coffee brings not only warmth, but also the most precious health.