Best Way to Keep you Skin from Drying

As the Fall begins, our skin starts to dry. It starts with the itch and ends with all the white flakes covering your body. We always are able to combat this weather with certain body and facial products, you just need to know where to look. Here at Canavida, we provide you with the essentials to fight the dry season and welcome the spring with a confidence.

THE VOICE OF HONYARADOH Limited Edition | Special Edition Hand & Nail Cream

Hands become especially dry throughout the season and sometimes the itch becomes unbearable. Looking for the right cream to help relieve your pain can be a struggle. This hand cream is exceptionally good at moisturizing your palms as well as leaving them with a fresh scent. 

AG Ultimate Face Mask

Alongside your hands, your face can also get that fall irritation. You might feel your face is shrinking on itself as it gets drier and drier.  Having face cream or face masks can help moisturize and give back the freshness it needs. To use it just apply take out a face mask package. Open the product up and apply to skin. Take off after 10-15 minutes. Our AG Ultimate Face Masks are a perfect solution to everyone's needs.