Some of the New Arrivals on Canavida

Recently, we have been increasing our inventory to provide a much wider selection for you to choose from. From the new hygiene category to an increasing amount of honey, our team will continue to increase your enjoyment whenever you click on our site. So, what new products have arrived? Here is a top 5 list of our newest products from the summer.


Creamed Honey with Royal Jelly
One of the first items we added was creamed honey with royal jelly. The product is sweet honey containing the superfood, royal jelly. Royal jelly is a secretion created by worker bees to nurture the queen bee. It consists of water, protein, sugar, fat, salt, vitamins, and amino. But what makes this any better than honey? Well, it can help improve your health by fighting heart diseases, repair skin/heal wounds quicker, help brain functionality, etc. There are so many benefits to consuming royal jelly. So why don’t you?

Japan Yuzu Reed Diffuser
This product is one of the few household items Canavida sells, making it one of the bigger and more popular sellers. It’s a diffuser made of yuzu that will rapidly disperse a scent throughout your room to help you relax and enjoy yourself. Yuzu diffusers have become quite popular recently so deciding between one brand and another can be difficult. So what makes Canavida’s diffuser so unique? Aside from the classy packaging, the diffuser comes in a beautiful glass jar which is both easily portable and a fantastic choice to light up whichever room it’s placed in.

AG Ultimate Face mask
Cocochi’s ag ultimate face mask is perfect for healing your face. The masks are used for brightening and anti-aging. They target every spot on your face from your forehead to your chin. The face mask helps eye bags, acne, dry skin, etc. This mask is perfect for everyone looking to enhance their face.

Instant Ginseng Black Coffee
Another big seller recently brought to Canavida is the black coffee. It’s perfect for the mornings when you're quickly getting ready for work. Just pour some of the powder into a mug. Then fill it with water and stir. Then your coffee’s done. What makes this different from normal instant coffee? The key difference between the two is the contents inside the powder. Black coffee doesn’t consist of any additives whereas normal coffee can contain sugar, milk, cream, etc.

Hau Herbal Candy
A nice refreshing Hau herbal candy can quickly brighten your day. Coming at the cheap price of $3.99, the candy has had a quick rise in the Canavida community. Due to the lack of salty snacks, Canavida wanted to look out for the community that doesn’t have that sweet tooth. This herbal candy is the perfect choice for a drive, taking a small walk, etc. Go try yours today.