rose flower blooming in cup

rose flower blooming in cup

Roses are beautiful and beautiful, their fragrance is refreshing, and they are endowed with the flower language of love. With the advent of summer, the roses in the garden quietly bloom, showing the vitality of winter in the sun. If your understanding of roses is only for ornamental purposes, you are missing another major function of roses - health care.

Roses are not only beautiful but also delicious. The most common edible rose product is rose tea, our Canavida rose tea is produced in France, selected delicate buds that are in bud, bright color and strong taste. Everyone can make rose tea, but if you want to make it beautifully, you need to master a little trick. If you only add hot water when brewing, you will find that the color of the tea is light no matter how long it is brewed, and the color of the rosebuds will gradually fade. The solution is actually very simple. You only need to add lemon juice to the brewed rose tea while it is still hot, and the bright rose color in the flower buds can be completely released in the hot water. The brewed tea is bright in color, not only delicious but also beautiful. value is also high.

As one of the most popular scented teas among contemporary young women, the health benefits of roses cannot be underestimated. Rose is sweet and slightly bitter in taste and warm in nature. Moreover, the medicinal properties of roses are very mild, which can warm the heart, liver and blood vessels of people, relieve depression in the body, and have the effects of sedation, soothing and anti-depression. In addition, rose tea can also reduce fire, nourish yin and beautify, regulate blood, promote blood circulation, beautify the face, and relieve fatigue, heal wounds, protect liver and gastrointestinal function, and long-term drinking also helps to promote metabolism.

There are also some taboos for rose tea:

  1. Rose tea has an astringent effect, and people with constipation should not drink it often.
  2. Rose has the effect of promoting blood circulation and dispersing stasis. People with heavy menstrual flow should avoid drinking it during menstruation.

3. People with cold stomach, diarrhea, often feeling tired or weak should not take it.