Two or three things about lotus seeds

The effect of lotus seeds

Lotus seed is a food with the same origin of medicine and food. Entering the heart, lotus seeds can tonify qi and soothe the nerves; enter the spleen to stop diarrhea; enter the kidney, can tonify kidney qi, reduce stool, and help with symptoms such as frequent urination and nocturnal emission due to the insufficiency of kidney qi. Lotus seeds are not easy to get angry and are suitable for long-term use.

Which is better, red lotus seeds or white lotus seeds?

From a planting point of view, white lotus seeds are the most common natural variety. It has large and rounded particles, with the fragrance of lotus. Red lotus seeds have a thin red skin on the outside of the pulp, similar to the coat of peanuts. It is an artificial hybrid variety, and the yield is small and the price is high.

There is little difference between the two in terms of efficacy, but the focus is different. White lotus seed nourishes yin and nourishes deficiency, moistens the lungs and relieves cough, and is more inclined to nourish qi and balance the human body. Red lotus seeds can nourish blood, nourish the heart and soothe the nerves, and have a maintenance effect on women with poor complexion or pale complexion.

Do you want to remove lotus heart from lotus seeds?

The lotus heart is a green embryo in the lotus seed flesh. Lotus heart itself has medicinal value,"Compendium of Materia Medica"records:"bitter, cold, non-toxic."Chinese medicine believes that lotus heart is cool and bitter, has the effect of clearing heart fire, lowering blood pressure, antiperspirant, and nourishing the mind. Because the lotus heart has a bitter taste, it is generally removed when using lotus seeds in desserts. Our lotus seeds at Canavida have already removed the lotus heart for you, making it convenient for you to make various dishes and desserts.

Summer dessert recommendation:lotus seed lily red bean paste

Ingredients:lotus seeds, lily, red beans, dried tangerine peel

  1. Soak the cleaned red beans, lotus seeds and lilies in water for 2 hours.
  2. Boil the water, put the soaked ingredients together with the soaked water, add the dried tangerine peel after the water boils.
  3. First cook on medium-low heat for two hours, then turn on high heat and cook for half an hour.
  4. The red bean sanding means that it has been cooked, add the right amount of sugar and you are ready to serve.
  5. This dessert can be eaten hot or iced.