Young people's health magic weapon - wolfberry

Young people's health magic weapon - wolfberry

When it comes to health preservation, young people in China know the phrase"goji berries in a thermos". Now not only Chinese people love wolfberry, but many countries in the world have also set off a craze for wolfberry health care. We have detailed the research on wolfberry in western medicine in our previous blog. This time, based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, we recommend the following two methods of wolfberry health care suitable for young people for office workers.

  • wolfberry longan paste

Every woman can't escape the pursuit of youth and beauty, but sometimes they use a lot of skin care products and hairdressing products with little effect. This is actually an internal problem in the body. Because of the physiological characteristics of women, many people will have symptoms of liver deficiency, such as sallow skin, brown hair, chloasma, and thin and unsmooth nails. The main cause of liver deficiency is lack of qi and blood. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, liver blood needs to be replenished. Young people are often very busy and want to get the most comprehensive maintenance in the most convenient way, then the wolfberry and longan paste can achieve the effect of nourishing the five internal organs. The most important role of wolfberry is to invigorate the kidney and liver. Kidney is water, liver is wood, liver and kidney are the same source

, Yigui homology, kidney and liver complement each other. Longan can nourish blood, heart and spleen. Long-term use of wolfberry and longan cream can relieve symptoms of liver deficiency, increase blood circulation, and make skin, hair and nails healthier and more beautiful.

Practice:Take 2 parts of wolfberry and 1 part of longan and add 10 times of water to fully boil into a paste, and finally add white honey and stir well. Take 15ml of water when taking.

  • wolfberry chrysanthemum tea

The life of modern people is inseparable from various electronic devices. Study and work require long-term use of computers. After get off work, leisure and entertainment life also requires watching TV, playing mobile phones and playing games. Therefore, many people will experience overuse, dry eyes, and blurred vision. Goji berries contain carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the human body and protect the optic nerve and retina. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver is opened in the eyes, and blurred vision is due to wind-heat, and chrysanthemum can clear the liver and eyesight and clear the wind-heat of the liver meridian, thereby achieving the effect of relieving dry eyes.


Take 9-15 grams each of wolfberry and chrysanthemum to brew and drink.