How to choose bird's nest

There are four traditional precious ingredients in China:"Swallow, Abalone, Wing, and Ginseng" , and the top one is bird's nest. Therefore, in the Chinese food culture, bird's nest has also become synonymous with top tonic products. Bird's nest has high nutritional value, small yield, and is difficult to obtain, so the price has remained high. How to buy bird's nest suitable for you in a limited budget? By grasping the following aspects, you can also easily choose a satisfactory product.


Bird's nest refers to the nest built by swifts and swiftlets that secrete saliva. According to the different nesting sites, it can be divided into two types:house swallows and cave swallows. House swallows generally produce white bird's nests. Cave swallows will be affected by minerals and produce bird's nests of different colors, including white swallows, yellow swallows and red swallows. Bai Yan is the most common, and the price is lower among the three kinds of bird's nests, which is relatively more cost-effective. Red Swallow, also known as Blood Swallow, is rich in minerals and scarce in production, so it is especially valuable.


The completeness of the bird's nest is from large to small:swallow cup, swallow strip, swallow horn, swallow fragment. The higher the integrity, the higher the price.


The predecessor of the finished bird's nest is the swallow's nest, so there will be various impurities in the original state. High-quality bird's nests have denser texture and less impurities, while poor-quality bird's nests have more evacuated impurities. Picking out impurities from bird's nest is a professional and time-consuming task, and it is not easy to get a clean and beautiful bird's nest, so the price is higher.

Moisture content:

The moisture content of qualified bird's nest is generally between 12%-15%. Bird's nests with too low moisture content are easily broken and affect the integrity. The bird's nest with too high moisture content is inferior bird's nest. Because the excessive moisture content will cause the bird's nest to become moldy and deteriorate, and reduce the foaming rate. Some unscrupulous merchants will increase the moisture content of bird's nest in order to make profits. Everyone must be vigilant when consuming.


According to the season of harvesting bird's nest, it is divided into first-stage bird, second-stage bird and third-stage bird. The first stage swallows are harvested from February to April. This kind of bird's nest has high integrity, firm texture and few impurities. It is the best bird's nest. From May to October, the second-phase and third-phase swallows are harvested. Because the swallows will go through the moulting period in this season, the bird's nest produced has low integrity, loose texture and many impurities.

Bird's nests are expensive, and it is not uncommon for them to be shoddy and fake in the market. Choosing a reputable merchant is also a guarantee for purchasing high-quality bird's nest. Canavida Bird's Nest only selects high-quality bird's nest from Indonesia for you, so that your shopping has no worries.